Soffili – Sofinest

From Soffili® to Soffinest®, the Filpucci patent

The brand’s heritage and its future are worked into these light, airy yarns covered by a Filpucci exclusive patent. The fruit of a revolutionary, groundbreaking spinning process, their delicate soul enhances the fibre’s softness and downiness. After the first, classic Soffili® weightless “yarns of the future” of the 1990s, and still the bestsellers, in 2004 the next step in fineness was introduced, SoffiliNext. Then in 2015 the use of an even more sophisticated technology opened the way to an unprecedented level of gravity-defying lightness. The newly-launched Soffinest® range now floats in orbit; its super-fine, voluminous yarns represent the 2.0 version of Filpucci’s exclusive patent.


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