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The Tuscan spinner has long been a major player in the Italian textile industry. It is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-end creative knitwear yarns. Continuous research, the superior quality of each product and non-stop development underpin its yarns’ uniqueness. Renowned worldwide for initiating industry-changing trends, including its introduction of viscose for knitwear and its revolutionary voluminous, ultralight yarns (Soffili®).


Yarns and Filpucci brands
The Filpucci brand is a symbol of Italian excellence in creative textiles. Its knitwear yarns (various collections), aimed at an exclusive target, are always key ingredients in high-end knits. Combed and twisted, evocative and creative, soft and silky, always innovative and ultralight and available in a full range of gauges. These easy-to-work yarns open new creative horizons, suggesting elaborate and beautiful on-trend fashion concepts.


From Italy to the world
Filpucci is an Italian company with a global organisation. The original spinning mill is still in Capalle, Tuscany, the company’s home region and nerve centre. This ultramodern executive hq manages the group’s network of production hubs and plants specialised in various manufacturing and processing operations.
All the units (twisting, dyeing, spinning, Soffili® plants) use state-of-the-art machinery. As does Filpucci’s in-house knitwear stitch testing and development lab, which has the latest apparatus. Filpucci’s use of the most up-to-date equipment enables its targeted, in-depth experimentation and innovation.




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