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Filpucci Collection Autumn Winter 22/23

Comfort strikes again. The intimacy of the home, the epicentre of our daily lives, is present everywhere. We also embrace the ‘suit revolution’ in modern design that focuses on well-being and regeneration, turning our beds into office spaces. Comfortable quilts, soft jerseys are the new raw materials.

Autumn Winter 22/23

In the 2022/2023 autumn-winter collection, we have decided to invest in tomorrow, conveying through our yarns the sentiments best suited to tackle the new challenges that the world offers us. We reflect on the objective of Design, and therefore also Fashion, to improve our new everyday life. We also reflect, on the other hand, on the decreasing social influence and increasing influence of social media, with a great tendency towards freedom and self-expression. The free creativity, the spontaneity with which we deal with everyday life, will therefore make these new fundamental aspects of design, such as utility and functionality, less radical and more human.

Absol 1a1 1500x1500 Aw22 23
Daffodil 1a1 1500x1500 Aw22 23
Babybabyeco 1a1 1500x1500 Aw22 23
Nebraska 1a1 1500x1500 Aw22 23

Full and voluminous yarns.

Fancy effects, also made with Gentile di Puglia wool: zero kilometre yarns produced with Italian wool from native sheep in northern Puglia, completely Made in Italy.

For more whimsical and sophisticated looks, prints with an extremely nuanced effect, also inspired by the tie&dye look.

100% natural yarns, created with different fibres, such as alpaca, wool and cotton, with surprising and melancholic effects, so as not to lose sight of the memory of the handmade.

Increasingly imaginative printed versions, for a fashion that has once again rediscovered its more fun and creative side.

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