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Autumn/Winter 23/24

The roaring and trembling 20(00)S is the theme of the Autumn/Winter 23/24 collection.

Many trends are born directly on social media, which have replaced the streets and streetwear. From this premise, our starting point for developing the Autumn/Winter 23/24 collection were some hashtags that arose on social media, which are influencing, not only fashion, but society in general.

Discover the collections:

It is not steetwear, it is not workwear, it is not activewear: it can be defined as ‘formal leisure’, which combines elegance and comfort, softness and cosiness, which suits every occasion of the day. A contemporary style, for a lifestyle where there are no longer any boundaries between work, activity, leisure.

The functionality of the yarns is emphasised to an extraordinary degree within a collection that offers a total knitted look: from ultra-light yarns to soft, puffy yarns that can replace an outer garment, the creative demands that can be fulfilled are endless.

The materials used are in most cases natural or recycled, carefully selected. Untreated yarns that make the most of their materiality, with colours reminiscent of nature and which come alive in some proposals with special prints.

Alpino 1500x1500
Svedese 1500x1500
Nibbio 1500x1500
Bufera 1500x 1500

Traced, certified, carefully selected and processed materials in our supply chain, in line with our sustainability strategy and choice of transparency.

A strategy that is also based on a careful measurement of impacts: there are 14 yarns in the Woollen Collection that are accompanied by LCA measurements.

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