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by Gui Rosa ©

Elevating and refining the pieces featured in his GUCCIfest film, ‘Til Death Do Us Ride’, Gui Rosa has created a hitch-hiker couture, pedal to the metal capsule, that balances the masculine and the domestic by combining colourful crochets, knits and tulle with leather and denim, that work together to dismantle the icons of male toughness by weave a tension between the feminine and hard-edged masculine in a trucker – tarmac road movie fantasy. Key to the story are his signature knitted cowboy boots.

Having graduated with a Masters from CSM in 2020, Gui Rosa has poured his life experience in to his designs, drawing on his liberal upbringing in Portugal and combining it with a visceral reaction to the pejorative masculinity he encountered in adult life. With an emphatically non-traditional use of crochet, a craft he takes to new levels, he creates unapologetically frivolous, yet subversive handmade pieces that consciously set out to reappropriate stereotypical pop cultural tropes by juxtaposing overt feminine craft with masculine iconography.

For the series of knee boots were used mohair yarn colors from our Filpucci Topkid quality.

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003 Gui Rosa Shorts Boots 006
003 Gui Rosa Shorts Boots 109
047 Gui Rosa Skirt Boots 123
047 Gui Rosa Skirt Boots 058
012 Gui Rosa Boots 006
012 Gui Rosa Boots 090