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Ok Feel The Yarn Sara K. Dossier Page 1


by Sara Kickmayer ©

#growing #nature #zerowaste #technology #movingbeyond
– controlled growth of structures, that move beyond the body – Inspired by the natural growth of bacteria and cells within an artificial environment like a see-through petri dish in a laboatory.
A symbiosis between nature and technology, which is translated into knitwear. Not only implementing structures visually, but designing knit, that makes the form itself and transforms into different shapes.
The designs are created in a circle, like a petri dish, but moving beyond the circle shape.
If you open the knitted pieces within the circle, you are able to find different organic forms.
The knit making the silhouette with only a few additional stitches and no waste, applying a mix of natural and artificial yarns.

This combination is supposed to give the design a dynamically moving impression as growing and moving beyond the body.

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