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Flatland: Imaging a 4th Dimension

Introducing our stunning collaboration with the brilliant designer Chaewon Song.
We all have embarked on a visionary journey with her latest collection, “Flatland: Imaging a 4th Dimension.”

Chaewon Song, a recent graduate of the Institut français de la mode in Paris, has skillfully harnessed the characteristics of Filpucci yarns to challenge the boundaries of human perception. Her collection explores the limits of our three-dimensional world, transcending what we can see and touch.

Using our Dinamico, Dinamico Crêpe, and Viscrepe yarns, Chaewon has created garments that evoke a sense of wonder and intrigue. Through her designs, she invites us to question the constraints of our reality and venture into uncharted territory.

Photo: Kévin Drelon
Hair: Anastasiia Tymoshchuk
Model : Bernice Monange, Line Diakite

Tavola Da Disegno 1
Tavola Da Disegno 2