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Raquel de Carvalho

My first collection “INITIATION” AW22-23 consists in experimentation with yarns and mix of textures through intarsia , exploring the body, lace and transparencies that challenge the traditional knitwear.With a flair from drama and extravagance, the aim was to dismantle gendered stereotypes with a focus on bringing to life ethical garments that are delicate and bold.
People usually think about knitwear as something casual , to keep us warm and cover-up but for me , knitwear can be glamorous and sexy and I wanted to bring this sexiness, power and luxuryness to my pieces and flatter the body of whoever wears them.

For this collection, I also focused on crafts, working with handmade crochet and knitwear as well as ultimate technology with electronic machines in the best manufacturers in Italy.

Keeping social responsibility at heart, I aim to find the best balance between fashion, people and nature and for this reason, yarns play an important role in this collection, everything started from them so every yarn was chosen very carefully taking into consideration the impact in the environment and the certificates that allows to trace and identify their unique process.

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