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Ours is a company of historical importance in the Italian textile district.
Our knitting yarns and the various collections that represent us year after year, are aimed at an elite target and have always been fundamental cornerstones for expressions of high-end knitwear .

Since our foundation in 1967, we have never stopped focusing on creativity and innovation. The uniqueness of our yarns is due precisely to this: the inexhaustible spirit of research , the high quality of each message, the incessant evolution .

"The thread is a subtle and mysterious invention, almost like the thread of thought. "

Our innovative and original solutions are born from a simple vision: to combine art and science, driven by the desire to change the world of creation, to dress fashion with ultra-light materials. We have set trends with epochal innovations and we have been pioneers in changing the trends of the sector: we have introduced viscose for knitting, developing the best qualities to create contemporary yarns. We have also created the first revolutionary voluminous and hyper-light Soffili ™ yarns .

We have always loved to anticipate trends and lead change with the continuous proposal of wonderful high-end yarns: combed and twisted, suggestive and imaginative , soft and silky. Our yarns, always innovative and in any case ultra-light, offer all the subtleties. It is precisely for this reason that we work alongside the most prestigious brands of international fashion .

Foto Libro Filpucci 70

High-end fantasy yarns, a story to tell.

High-end fantasy yarns, a story to tell.

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Here you can contact us for more information on our fancy yarns of the various collections, or for any other request.
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