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Our Environment

From raw material to finished product, following strict ethical standards and integrating design and responsibility: every step is fully tracked in our manufacturing process. Un percorso verso la sostenibilità iniziato diversi anni fa e che ogni anno prosegue per raggiungere nuove tappe. Transparency of the supply chain and control over the impacts of production are the two strong points of our approach: products are designed to last a long time, reducing waste in the processing phase, also using smart solutions. Creativity and sustainability intertwine to find new solutions.


Raw materials

The careful selection of raw materials is one of the strengths of our creations, which are made with certified materials. A daily challenge that goes hand in hand with continuous experimentation with new raw materials: Tencel, FSC® certified viscoses, recycled materials, organic cottons. Each product is the result of a careful study that also takes into account the environmental impact of production, in order to do inSo that ethics and aesthetics come together in our yarns.

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Competition and Market Authority

Measuring impacts

We recycle 70% of our process water, taking increasingly innovative measures to stimulate energy savings. We manage the chemical aspects of production by following strict standards and using selected products, and we also measure the CO2 impacts of processing. The impact of our products is summarized in the Higg Index, the tool for measuring environmental impact developed by SAC – Sustainable Apparel Coalition. This is a tool used to measure the product’s life cycle, thus meeting the market’s demand for circularity.

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Sustainability Report

One of our pillars for corporate social responsibility.
The Sustainability Report allows us to communicate our commitment to building sustainable development by taking into account social and environmental issues arising from our business operations and in our dealings with various stakeholders.

Code of Ethics

In our corporate code of ethics you will find the spirit that animates our company and the reason why it was born. You will find the values, the mission and vision of the company, the points of reference and the drive towards our future.

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Charter of Values Consorzio Promozione Filati

The Consorzio Promozione Filati, aware of market trends and the importance today of the values of sustainability, understood as the integration of organizational, social and environmental requirements into operational processes, has decided to undertake a path of management and improvement of these values within its companies, sharing the fundamental commitments, implementation requirements and monitoring of results.

CPF Sustainability Protocol

A sustainability protocol that stems from the will of a group of yarn production companies, belonging to the Consorzio Promozione Filati,, to define a management system for sustainability homogeneous and interpreted according to common logic. This protocol is aimed at increasing the value of its production, adding elements of organizational, social and environmental compliance capable of triggering a process of constant improvement over time.

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Future Respect Index 2022

An initiative promoted by Consumerlab for Markonet

Our certifications

We firmly believe in sustainable innovation, which is why our processes and yarns are always up-to-date and approved with the most important international certifications.

The GRS (Global Recycled Standard) and GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certifications acquired for the spring-summer 2019 season and the now consolidated partnership with the circular reality of the Reverso™ brand, are followed by the achievement of further important certifications for viscose and wool such as FSC® (Forest Stewardship Forest) and RWS (Responsible Wool Standard).

Our goal is to achieve good results in terms of health and environmental respect, not forgetting the rationalization of energy consumption.

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