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Spring / Summer '25

Our Spring/Summer 2024 collection introduces a breath of fresh air, spotlighting our exclusive use of completely natural fibers. Each yarn is distinguished by its extraordinary purity, embodying an aesthetic that blends discreet luxury with a deep respect for the planet.

Our yarns are characterized by refined textures and vibrant color nuances, offering exceptional versatility that makes them perfect for meeting the dynamic creative needs of contemporary design. This unique combination allows every designer to express their personal vision, inspiring innovation and originality in every creation.

Punti Ss25 Filpucci Blue

At the heart of our design philosophy is an unwavering commitment to sustainability. We use only the finest natural, renewable, and biodegradable fibers, minimizing environmental impact and promoting responsible production practices. This approach not only protects our planet but also ensures that the beauty of our creations can be appreciated by future generations.

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