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Autumn/Winter 24/25

“Let’s talk about clothes” is the theme of the new Autumn/Winter 24/25 collection. Our motto? “More quality, less hype!” The term “hype,” much like an embellishment or exaggeration, has no place here. We want the true substance to emerge, focusing on the quality and versatility of our fantastic yarns.

Discover the collections:

The only desire is to slow down; the only race is to create time and space for well-being and relaxation. Even the sweaters become “wearable well-being,” helping the body to relax and express itself with cozy and tactile materials.

5 Ton Sur Ton
4 Monsoon
Carosello Rasato Explosion Cover
Carosello Rasato Tonsurton
Carosello Rasato Monsoon

The inspiration of the collection also focuses on sensitivity towards new biological rhythms and seasons, embracing a modest and discreet style that reflects the harmony of nature. Technology plays a fundamental role in the evolution of production and utilization systems of raw materials, aiming to generate a positive impact on the planet.

Candito 04
Felty 04
Fifty 01
Amaretto 03

The materials used are, in most cases, natural or recycled and carefully selected. A strategy that also relies on careful impact measurement: There are 14 items in the Woollen Collection that are accompanied by Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) measurements.

Choose our collection to express your uniqueness and embrace sustainable fashion that combines style and environmental awareness.

How can we help you?

Here, you can contact us for more information about our fancy yarns from various collections or for any other inquiries.