Filpucci, fancy yarns for high-end knitwear.

Our company was founded in Italy, in Florence, in 1967.
Siamo leader nella creazione di filati fantasia per la maglieria di alta gamma e per l’aguglieria, per i migliori brand del panorama dell’ alta moda.

Filpucci, fancy yarns for high-end knitwear.

Our company was founded in Italy, in Florence, in 1967.
We are a leader in the creation of fancy yarns for high-end knitwear and needlework, for the best brands on the haute couturescene.

Spring / Summer 2024

Our Spring Summer 2024 collection celebrates the return of lightness through natural and recycled yarns. A less formal but sophisticated elegance, with a collection designed to last, which does not follow the trends of the moment, but aims to create a timeless style. A search that responds to the demand for greater lightness, from the desire to free ourselves from the heaviness of situations that we have not yet left behind.

Consistencies, colours, lines that are the result of careful research work, to promote a sustainable approach to fashion, where clothes are used, but also loved.
Some articles are made from natural materials, from guaranteed and traced supply chains, which have a history to share and which respond to the consumer’s need to know how the garment they are wearing is made:

Certified natural fibres, softness and volume, versatility: a new total look concept entirely in knitwear takes shape in the Autumn Winter 23/24 collection.

The spring/summer 23 collection:

Good Heart Cotton’s regenerative cotton responds to this need, the traceable cotton thanks to FibreTrace technology that ensures a positive approach to cultivation that respects the soil. Or GOTS Hemp, a natural material that has been produced respecting the principles of organic certification.

In pursuit of new visual and tactile experiences, the collection also includes Tencel Luxe, the latest from Lenzing, and we are among the first companies to use it in knitwear. A new botanical alternative to silk, which, just like silk, has a thin and extremely strong filament, for the production of light and fluid yarns. The filaments are effective in regulating moisture, creating breathability and adapting to the temperature on the skin.

But the experimentation in the collection does not only stop at natural materials, it also shifts to synthetics. Peeping out is Blue Fiber nylon, made from recycled tyres and providing a fibre that we have decided to use to make some articles more sustainable.

Banner Lca Hompege Filpucci Lca Prodotti Sito 1600x900

LCA - Life Cycle Assessment

After years of evaluation and in-depth studies, we were able to obtain several certified Life Cycle Assessment calculations of some of our most iconic yarns. 14 is the number of articles in the Woollen collection accompanied by the LCA measurement of the product.

Mani Fibra Elaborazione Immagini 1600x900

The environment belongs to everyone

A responsible approach to our production processes has always been an integral part of our business and design philosophy. From the founding of our company we immediately focused on minimizing environmental impact ,from the design phase to delivery; while maintaining a healthy work environment where creativity and sustainability intertwine daily to find ever more innovative solutions.

Our cashmere has zero impact.

Filpucci’s sustainable cashmere yarns are made through an innovative 100% made in Italy production process, which combines science and technology with sustainability to create a high quality circular economy production system. These yarns are mostly made from pre-consumer textile waste in order to allow for greater traceability and a great circular solution. The result is a regenerated yarn, which has the same soft and insulating qualities as cashmere, without the negative environmental and social impacts of the cashmere industry.

Il Nostro Cashmere Rigenerato

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